A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Gentlecaptains, start your motorboats.

Get together some friends and plug your controller devices in for some great local multiplayer action!

Collect cargo crates and turn them in at your dock. Longer chains of boxes get you bigger points! But beware, the waters are rife with mines, sharks.. and other players who will try to steal your crates out from under your nose!

Requires a control pad, such as an Xbox 360 controller plugged in via USB. Best played with 3-4 players.

Controls: Use the left stick to control your boat.


MacYeaBuoy.app.zip 21 MB
WinYeaBuoy.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Download the appropriate binary for Windows or Mac, it should run without any special installation.

Created for TOJam by JP Stringham. Please contact jotapeh@gmail.com for support.

Music by Cassie Chui.